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Elevate Your Brand, Amplify Your Marketing, Feel Confident with a Website that Wows, and Transform Your Business!


Help, Where to Start??

Website in a Week

Short on time but big on vision? Our "Website in a Week" service is your express route to a stunning online presence. In just seven days, we'll craft a website that captures your essence and stands out in the digital realm. Fast-track your online journey without compromising on quality – because your dream website doesn't have to be a distant goal!

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Trusted by Businesses & Non-Profits Across the U.S.

About B Marketing

Small Business Mindset

Let's cut right through the jargon. There's one thing every small business has in common: authenticity. You've poured your hopes and dreams into your business, which means you honor your word and value your clients. So how do you communicate this to potential clients? How do you compete against the 'bigger and better'? You share a piece of yourself with them. As a small business myself, I am the first to understand and can help you navigate your online/offline messaging and presence through authentic branding and helping you find your voice.

One-on-One Relationship

Your clients mean the world to you. Without them, well, you wouldn't be you! And I feel the same about those I work with! From storyboard to realization, I provide my clients with a one-on-one, personable, and attentive experience. And by cutting out the middle person, we're able to work in a cost-effective and timely manner. As a business owner, the last thing you want is to add one more thing to your plate, so let me help you!

Connecting You to Clarity

Have you ever thought, “I want to attract my ideal clients, but where do I even begin?” or “I want to promote my business, but when will I have the time?” Then let me be the light to guide you. As a natural-born strategist, I can help you identify your and your business's needs then develop a strategic plan that is focused, realistic, and most importantly, achievable. Then on to the best part: execution!

Get to Know B


I began my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 7, selling bookmarks I'd made out of glue to my classmates, and at the age of 14, started my babysitting business, complete with a resume, business cards, and flyers.

What's Going on in the Hive

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