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I began my entrepreneurial journey at the age of 7, selling bookmarks I'd made to my classmates, and at the age of 14, I started my babysitting business, complete with a certification, resume, business cards, and flyers. It's safe to say my headstrong, entrepreneurial spirit has been in development since birth.


With years in between focused on advertising sales, marketing, and client relations, I made the grand pivot in 2020, leaving a desk job to start B Marketing out of my 700-square-foot apartment. The rest is history.


I am a cajun at heart and have grown my roots in the great state of South Carolina. I am an alumna of Francis Marion University (Marketing B.B.A. with an English minor) and proudly support my Alma Mater by serving on the Alumni Board. I'm a proud resident of Sumter, South Carolina, and Enneagram 7w8. I am the wife to the most intelligent and patient person I know, Joshua Summerford, and fur mom to Rizzo, Hootie, Merlin, Mimi, and Outdoor Kitty. In my free time, I love serving my church through Visitations to those homebound, serving as a member of our Communication Committee, and hosting women's Bible studies.


Brooke Thibodaux Summerford
Owner, Marketing & Branding Strategist

Based in Sumter, South Carolina, B Marketing is a boutique creative marketing firm specializing in branding, web design, and tailored marketing solutions for micro and small businesses. We go beyond traditional marketing to understand your business's unique stories and needs, transforming them into impactful narratives and visuals that resonate with your ideal client.

Core Values

Approachability | Curiosity | Faith | Integrity | Tenacity

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